Educ8s uses several key technologies and tools for mobile and web application development.

Mobile development is carried out using native toolsets for different platforms Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone. 

We offer the following services:

  • Android app developement
  • Windows Phone developement
  • BlackBerry developement


Design is one of key determinants of an application's success. Nothing beats an aesthetically pleasing UI that delivers a smooth flowing user experience. Our design team can think out of the box to come up with trend-setting and unique design patterns while maintaining a perfect user experience. 


With over 10 apps to our credit, we have an experienced mobile application development team. From simple games, to complex educational games, we have done it all. Along with our highly experienced educators we develop software that really educates.


App deployment is a delicate process where a single error can get your app rejected. That's why; we provide specialized services in app deployment wherein our experienced deployment experts will assist you in deploying your app. We also offer customized app maintenance programs to ensure that your app is updated on-time and runs well on all intended devices and platforms.